Additional Services

Services and operations customized to lower cost

Swiss Technologies offers customized additional operations and services to lower your costs while improving your operational efficiency and cash flow, including:

One stop shopping - from prototyping to production, Swiss Technologies can do it all in a single operation.

Inventory management that helps increase your cash flow and production space by holding parts on our shelves and releasing them as needed.

Manufacturing of precision-machined metal parts 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet your production requirements.

Producing parts in diameters from .020" (0.508mm) up to 1.496 on our Swiss lathes, 2-5/8" on our multi-spindle screw machines, and up to 3" on our Mazak and Haas CNC Machines.

Offering capabilities of holding tolerances of ± .0003" (.00508mm) depending on configuration.

Machining options including drilling, cross-drilling, double cross-drilling, back drilling, double back-drilling, tapping, milling, slotting, threading and broaching in one operation.

Turning materials including stainless steels, steel, brass, aluminum, copper, bronze, and some plastics and nylons.

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